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8 Aug

Project Management: Fostering Innovation In Government

by Tim Jaques We live in a time when governments are being required to innovate. From Brazil to Canada, South Africa to China, governments are beginning to recognize the power that innovation can play in reducing costs and increasing service levels. All around the globe, governments are...

7 Aug

Bringing Flexibility to Bureaucracy

by Tim Jaques Many government organizations around the globe are moving toward formal project management practices. Formal methods offer not only a consistent approach to managing project work, but also enable governments to establish more efficient and flexible working environments. Highly bureaucratic public sector organizations often struggle...

5 Aug

Resource Allocation in a Budget Crisis

by Julie Rodgers Introduction The current economic situation demands tough decisions be made quickly. Managers face shrinking budgets requiring across the board cuts. Maybe your budget has been cut, yet demand for your services remains unchanged. You may have fewer resources to perform the same amount of...

4 Aug

Remodeling During a Fire

by Jon Weinstein The time has come for the home improvement projects that you've been putting off. The projects can wait no longer because the core systems (plumbing, heating and AC, windows, etc.) are failing. The only catch is that the kitchen is on fire. No...

3 Aug

Building A Solid Project Foundation

Project managers face the daunting challenge of defining, planning, and managing projects in complex work environments. Project stakeholders often send conflicting signals as to the importance and benefit of the project. Project managers need a way to navigate these waters so that the project progresses...