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What We’ve Done

New Organization Design

Line of Sight led a client project team through the creation of a Customer Relationship Management Organization (CRMO). The CRMO was designed to provide customer service across a large geographic region that leveraged the client’s existing customer service resources. The business process reengineering (BPR) effort involved the design and development of the critical business processes for the client, implementing new staffing roles and processes, as well as the procurement and implementation of new call center technologies designed to support high quality interactions between the customers and representatives.

Business Process Reengineering

Line of Sight supported a major reengineering of the nation’s second largest state retirement system after California, with process reengineering expertise in preparation for a system-wide upgrade slated to begin in 2008. Line of Sight was selected to deliver an array of services including BPR consulting, end-user support for the process modeling tool. Line of Sight is supporting the business process redesign team with critical “As-Is” and “To-Be” business and system models.

Process Improvement

Line of Sight was selected to apply their process and project management expertise to develop a cross-organizational Road Map for the critical financial reporting activities for the North American operations of an international insurance company. The Road Map identified key input and outputs, communications, and timing of deliverables for each department participating in their critical annual financial reporting processes. The Road Map enhanced cooperation, coordination, and communication among the departments during peak periods for reporting throughout the year and contributed to the completion of reporting deliverables on time. The process improvements are anticipated to yield an estimated $300,000 savings annuals from increased reporting accuracy.

Project Management Mentoring

Initially envisioned as a traditional classroom-based training program, Line of Sight staff worked closely with a committee of senior agency project managers to enhance the program to include the mentoring component. The resulting program included the comprehensive training curriculum covering the full project lifecycle with multiple training sessions and practicum matching interns with senior project managers in a State government setting. During the formal training, the interns learned practical techniques to manage IT projects as well as resolve the issues that are critical to the success of all projects.

Project Management Office Definition

Line of Sight principals assisted in developing and implementing an enterprise-wide project management office (PMO). The PMO defined an array of project management services supporting project managers, executives, and teams. Line of Sight staff also helped the client with the development of a project management methodology and subsequent training. This effort included the design and execution of an assessment of the project management capabilities of a random sampling of peer bureaus. The purpose of this assessment was to understand the project management environment and to adjust the project management services offered by the PMO. In addition, the assessment provided an opportunity to implement standard project management metrics to measure project success across the various organizations.

Business Transformation

Line of Sight was selected by the corporate relationship organization at a premier university to realign how they interacted with university faculty and staff by transforming its staffing deployment, communication and prospecting processes. Line of Sight engaged the client team and other key university stakeholders with thoughtful, facilitated events. The workshops were designed to disengage the team from their current worldview and develop a fresh, unobstructed view toward the future. This series of events lead to the development of a new organizational vision, customer-centric organizational structure, staff capabilities profile, communication plan, and new processes and performance measures. The success of this initiative has enabled the organization to enhance cross-university collaboration on new programs and significant improvements in communication support the achievement of their financial goals.