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Jay Ayd
Chief Information Officer - Maryland Transportation Authority

My experience working with [Line of Sight] was very positive. Each of you brought professionalism and a get the job done attitude to the projects managed. MDTA operates in more effective manner due to your efforts on various projects such as Contractor Compliance, SAN Reconfiguration, Horizon Infrastructure, CAD/RMS, and Program Management to list of few of the projects.

Senior Manager - NYS Department of Health

Line of Sight applied their project management expertise to our unique organizational environment. Their disciplined structure and outstanding deliverables contributed to the design and implementation of the DOH Project Management Office. We’re excited about the Department of Health Project Management Field Guide they developed with our internal team of practitioners. Their work will continue to pay dividends for years to come.

Treasury Executive

The project management support provided to has been exceptional. Line of Sight has exceeded expectations for their work to support the operations and management of the website.

Treasury Executive

Line of Sight's successful process improvement efforts yielded a need for standardized training and training materials. Having hired 6 new staff members in the last 9 months has been difficult. However, every staff member has praised the training materials developed by Line of Sight's team. I have been able to increase my capacity with new hires by over 700% since we received the training materials from Line of Sight. Line of Sight has been amazingly helpful to my organization in aiding this program. [T]he Surety and Fidelity Association of America and they commented that our documented financial analysis mirrors A.M. Best analytical methodology as well.

Treasury Executive

Line of Sight is currently supporting my office by providing project management support for and the Digital Accountability Transparency Act (DATA Act). I am very impressed with Line of Sight’s ability to consistently produce high quality work products and demonstrate excellent judgment. Specifically, Line of Sight has been instrumental in executing a high-priority enhancement that is on the critical path to meeting the statutory deadline for DATA Act. Without Line of Sight's experience, sound judgment, and coordination, the milestone would not have been met. I sincerely appreciate and value Line of Sight's support.

Michael Power
Assistant Vice President - ACE USA

We picked Line of Sight for their business process and project management experience, but got more than we bargained for. Faced with a near impossible schedule and an audacious goal of rapidly implementing process improvements Line of Sight not only met the challenge but also exceeded our expectations. Despite the pressure cooker situation, their team led us through a structured and efficient process to achieve immediate results.

Chris Simoneau
Director of Central Development Programs - Tufts University

Line of Sight guided our team through a critical transition that resulted in our staff becoming more effectively aligned with our customers. Their experience and insight into organizational change was clearly evident from the first day. Throughout the project, Line of Sight really pushed our team, and the results were exceptional.

Marion Trieste
President - GEOS, LLC

Growing a business is a rather complex, scary and time-consuming process. Line of Sight walked us through a well-organized and necessary process in order to formulate a plan to successfully expand our business portfolio. We recommend Line of Sight for those in need of assistance to help shape detailed business plans, which in our case has proven most useful. The rest is up to us to make it happen.

Program Manager - 2010 Census

Line of Sight played a critical role in the success of the 2010 Count Review Program (CRP) … The CRP project evolved a great deal from what was first envisioned. Line of Sight did an excellent job of adapting to the shifting scope and parameters of the program. I would not hesitate to recommend the firm to any organization needing project and process management service.

Barry Brogan
Chief Executive Officer - NCBHN

Line of Sight’s ability to build a cohesive team from disparate agencies to work toward a common goal is nothing short of miraculous. Their level of professionalism and expertise never ceased to amaze us