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How do you stay competitive in such a connected world? How will your organization deliver maximum value to your customers and stay within budget? With Strategic Planning experts you can.

Our clients face these challenges every day. We work with busy executives and managers who make tough decisions in the face of competing internal demands, scarce resources and misaligned organizations. Learn how our strategic planning consultants can help your team unlock the gate to producing results better, faster and cheaper. It’s one our many fortes.

Line of Sight has helped dozens of clients create sustainable strategic results.

We bring rigorous analysis and innovative thinking grounded with the determination to find the unexpected insights that go into developing an executable strategy. Our strategies are borne out of analytics and business know-how.


Facilitated Meetings. Would you rather work in the meeting than on the meeting? Let Line of Sight master facilitators lead the session and take care of everything from setup to cleanup. We script each session, document the results in our distinct, easy to read style. In between, you’ll be engaged in the discussions and exercises, and pushed to examine the assumptions and facts, ensuring that your results are exceptional.

Offsite Planning Sessions. Does your team require some focused energy around a particular set of issues? Ready to tackle the knottiest problems? Our Offsite Planning Sessions cover 1-5 day workshops designed to get results, ferret out issues, dissolve barriers and improve communication. We will expertly manage conflict, raise key challenges, identify strengths, and keep the pace moving forward. From 3-300 participants (or more!), we’ve got you covered.

Strategic Planning. Have you decided to go for it? You need a full-blown strategic plan. We produce vibrant, relevant strategic planning artifacts that will engage your team and stakeholders. Our process externally for the industry trends, and internally at the capabilities of the organization. Your team will define core strategies that drive value for your customers. Our plans go beyond the “strategy lite” brochures, and provide your team with a focused direction and sound planning assumptions.

Strategy Implementation. Fortune magazine recently stated that 70% of unsuccessful businesses did not fail because of a bad strategy written, but its bad implementation – i.e. projects weren’t aligned with the strategy nor they were giving the planned benefits. Line of Sight supports business with strategy implementation services with Performance Management, Strategic Reviews and Accountability, Leadership Training and Mentoring.