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Our Formula

You Are the Expert

The best consultants already work for you! Essential to Line of Sight’s strategic planning process: you are the expert in your line of work. We unlock your potential and capabilities through our collaborative and facilitative approach.

A Simple Approach to Complex Problems

Line of Sight knows that complex problems are often resolved through complex solutions. We provide a simple and sophisticated strategic planning process to unlocking solutions and moving the organization forward.

Removing Obstacles for a Clear Line of Sight

Line of Sight’s clarity of vision removes obstacles and provides a clear line of sight to the objective. This yields actionable intelligence for business — practical information and solutions you can use to achieve results and sustain them after the engagement.

Rapid, On the Ground Response

The Line of Sight team’s capabilities and experience allows for rapid problem diagnosis. Our ability to quickly understand on-the-ground realities means you don’t have to wait a long time and spend a lot of money before the real work starts.

Solid Strategic Planning Process, Flexible Approach

Line of Sight has an approach that is flexible and adapts well to different engagement requirements. Successful clients have spanned industries and sectors – from large federal agencies to Fortune 500 companies. Our goal is to help your organization achieve your objectives with the right solutions at the right price.