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12 Sep

CEO Margaret Weinstein at HopeWorks

CEO Margaret Weinstein joins Finance Committee of HopeWorks, Howard County ! Margaret joined the Board Directors in June 2016, and immediately looked for an opportunity to offer her skills to HopeWorks staff and their mission. Line of Sight has been a long-standing supporter of HopeWorks'...

7 Oct

Business Strategy In Five Steps

What Is Wrong With Your Business? Does your company have a strategic plan that is never worked on? Do you generate a lot of great ideas at the corporate offsite, only to see the ideas gradually fade as the reality of daily work sets in? There is...

4 Oct

SPARK Strategy Is Here!

Classic Strategic Planning Is Dead The last 15 years has seen tremendous changes in how companies compete. Walmart is deep into retail healthcare with in-store clinics and pharmacies; the cellphone has become a vehicle for payment, supplanting traditional credit cards; clothing and technology have merged with...

3 Sep

Improve Your Leadership With Four Simple Rules

Are You A Natural or Learned Leader? So much has been written on the topic of leadership lately. Perhaps because we are suffering from a dearth of leadership in business. Who are the transformational leaders today that will reshape how we think about our world tomorrow?  From...