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7 Oct

Business Strategy In Five Steps

What Is Wrong With Your Business? Does your company have a strategic plan that is never worked on? Do you generate a lot of great ideas at the corporate offsite, only to see the ideas gradually fade as the reality of daily work sets in? There is...

4 Oct

SPARK Strategy Is Here!

Classic Strategic Planning Is Dead The last 15 years has seen tremendous changes in how companies compete. Walmart is deep into retail healthcare with in-store clinics and pharmacies; the cellphone has become a vehicle for payment, supplanting traditional credit cards; clothing and technology have merged with...

23 Sep

The PM is In… Free PMO Advice

In November, Jon Weinstein, Line of Sight's President and co-Founder will be speaking at the Project Management Institute's Project Management Office Symposium in San Diego. In addition to speaking at a session about integrating project management and change management, he'll also serve as an expert...

18 Sep

2013 ACMP Change Management Europe Conference

Jon Weinstein, President of Line of Sight, will be speaking at the 2013 ACMP Change Management Europe Conference held on October 1 -3, 2013 in London. During his session, Jon Weinstein and Tom Marsicano will explore the conflicts and connections between the disciplines of project management...

3 Sep

Improve Your Leadership With Four Simple Rules

Are You A Natural or Learned Leader? So much has been written on the topic of leadership lately. Perhaps because we are suffering from a dearth of leadership in business. Who are the transformational leaders today that will reshape how we think about our world tomorrow?  From...

29 Aug

10 Ways To Guarantee A Meeting Will Fail

We all have to suffer through so many meetings each day. Recently, one friend told me they had 10 meetings in a single day. That is basically punishment, right? But it does not have to be. Meetings are a great way to connect and get...