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14 Jun

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Announces 
Howard County Councilman Jon Weinstein 
As Recipient Of The Alumni Achievement Award

Media Contact: Jevin Hodge, LINK Strategic Partners, 480.584.1859 HUGH O’BRIAN YOUTH LEADERSHIP ANNOUNCES HOWARD COUNTY COUNCILMAN JON WEINSTEIN AS RECIPIENT OF THE ALUMNI ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Award to be Presented at Annual New York Gala May 31 NEW YORK (May 8, 2017) – Jon Weinstein, Chair and 1st District Councilman in...

23 Feb

Jon Weinstein Presents at the Department of Justice

Jon was invited to address Department of Justice personnel about the “Brutal Facts About Project Management in the Federal Government. Unfortunately, his joke about “alternative facts” fell flat. On Febraruy 9th,  he delivered his presentation to about 100 folks from across DOJ - from lawyers...

12 Sep

CEO Margaret Weinstein at HopeWorks

CEO Margaret Weinstein joins Finance Committee of HopeWorks, Howard County ! Margaret joined the Board Directors in June 2016, and immediately looked for an opportunity to offer her skills to HopeWorks staff and their mission. Line of Sight has been a long-standing supporter of HopeWorks'...

12 Sep

Line of Sight begins new project at Department of Fiscal Service

Line of Sight is pleased to announce that the U.S. Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service’s Treasury Security Services (TSS) has selected our team to manage a project to improve their organizational structure and capabilities. The project will result in a reorganization of  TSS into two separate...

6 Jun

Line of Sight Announces New Contract Win

Line of Sight is pleased to announce that the U.S. Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service’s Fiscal Accounting Operations has selected our team to manage a project implementing an Enterprise Service Bus for their Oracle infrastructure, using Service-Oriented Architecture principles and design patterns. The project...

24 Dec

Leading Change in Your Civil Engineering Career

Host Christian Knuson, PE with The Engineering Career Coach meets with Jonathan Weinstein, Line of Sight’s President, to discuss critical concepts associated with successful Change Management within public and private sector organizations. Jon answers the question “What is change management?” with a keen and interesting...

19 Oct

Organizational Self-Awareness

Change is hard. It’s even harder if you don’t know what you’re changing from, what you’re changing into, or how well you can handle it. That’s why our first step of Strategic Organizational Change is assessing your current state. We’re not just checking to see where...