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8 Aug

Retirement System Overhaul for New York’s State and Local Retirement System

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The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) of New York State manages the New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS),the second largest state retirement system in the nation. NYSLRS provides retirement and pension funds to police, firefighters, correction officers and other civil servants in New York. It also provides survivor benefits to relatives of state employees. NYSLRS manages more than $142 billion in assets, with 995,000 members, about 340,000 of whom are retirees and beneficiaries.

“Line of Sight came into this project immediately after the kickoff, when things were chaotic and there was no approach to modeling the processes. They led us through this effort with a steady hand on the tiller, quickly developing the standards and approach for the team of ten to use as they went out into the organization to model. Throughout the project, Line of Sight was always ready to adjust their approach to meet the needs of the project.”

—Project Manager at OSC


With a complex series of systems to contend with, NYSLRS’s original retirement system was implemented nearly 20 years ago. Over time, additional sources of functionality had been developed and added to manage the complex structure of the business rules and laws dictating the benefit system. The outdated nature of the base system and the addition of disparate information support systems impeded the effective benefit administration and efficient service delivery from the OSC.

The Business Process Re‐engineering Team of the OSC embarked on a project to replace the current retirement system and the complex web of related systems with a state‐of‐the‐art retirement system.


Line of Sight was selected to assist in a business process re‐engineering effort to model As­Is business processes and To­Be business processes in order to provide comprehensive functional requirements. As­Is models present a composition of an entire business displaying “what” processes are performed and “how” they are being accomplished. To­Be models document potential future activities and how they might be accomplished.

Line of Sight implemented MetaStorm’s state‐of‐the‐art modeling tool, ProVision Enterprise, and served as “model manager” for the As­Is Business Process development. As model manager, Line of Sight:

  • assisted in the creation of more than 100 business process models to provide a comprehensive view into the daily processes of NYSLRS and
  • developed modeling standards to ensure consistent delivery of the vital information collected in numerous facilitated sessions.


Line of Sight helped OSC to…

  • develop an up‐to‐date, comprehensive set of business processes which involved the end‐to‐end delivery of retirement benefits,
  • locate process inconsistencies that
  • caused inefficiencies,
  • capture areas for rapid improvements as well as longer term efficiency gains, and
  •  identify key requirements for a request‐for‐proposal effort.

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