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7 Aug

Line of Sight Leads New Healthcare Finance Management System

Customer Profile

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) selected Line of Sight to provide project management support for the design, development and implementation of a new Healthcare Finance Management System operated by their Office of Health Insurance Programs (OHIP). During this engagement, Line of Sight utilized the newly created Department of Health Project Management Methodology and Department of Health Project Management Field Guide. In addition to managing both projects, Line of Sight provided business analysis services for the creation of business requirement artifacts and has gained essential knowledge in the business of Healthcare Finance.

“Line of Sight applied their project management expertise to our unique organizational environment. Their disciplined structure and outstanding deliverables contributed to the design and implementation of the DOH Project Management Office. We’re excited about the Department of Health Project Management Field Guide they developed with our internal team of practitioners. Their work will continue to pay dividends for years to come.”

— Senior Manager,
NYS Department of Health


Line of Sight personnel served as project Manager for two high profile projects within the Office of Health Insurance Programs:

  • The Healthcare Financial Management System will utilize state of the art technologies to provide Medicaid reimbursement rates and provide data mining tools to further analyze healthcare finance data. The primary goal of this project is advance the Department of Health’s role as healthcare advocates. As advocates, the Department will deliver vital information to healthcare providers to improve the outcomes of Medicaid reimbursed services. Line of Sight personnel also served as project manager for the implementation of an electronic rate appeals system for Nursing Home Medicaid Rates. The goal of this system is to improve efficiencies in the submission and processing of rate appeals.
  • In addition to our project management role, Line of Sight assumed the role of project management champion, promoting the use of project management tools and procedures to improve communications and set stakeholder expectations.
  • Line of Sight provided critical business analysis during the effort, guiding the project teams through the design of “As-IS’ business workflows and current data flows. The resulting “As-Is” models and dataflow diagrams were used in the design of the new systems. Line of Sight also developed a high level System Architecture diagram for the Healthcare Finance Management System.

The objective of Line of Sight’s engagement was two-fold: 1) Ensure these two high profile projects are delivered successfully, through the practice of project management, and 2) Promote project management as a practice in an environment of skepticism and aversion to change. An additional benefit to Line of Sight’s engagement is the expertise our personnel has gained in the business of healthcare finance and Medicaid reimbursement.

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