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8 Aug

Line of Sight Leads Multi-Agency Electronic Medical Records Initiative

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The North Country Behavioral Healthcare Network (NCBHN) is a member supported healthcare network located in upstate New York. Its member organizations provide in-patient and out-patient mental health service such as counseling, chemical dependency and substance abuse prevention, transitional living, and other mental health related services. NCBHN provides its member agencies with healthcare network services including technology services, training, advocacy, collaborative funding and best practice dissemination.

“Line of Sight’s ability to build a cohesive team from disparate agencies to work toward a common goal is nothing short of miraculous. Their level of professionalism and expertise never ceased to amaze us.”

— Barry Brogan
Chief Executive Officer,


NCBHN is committed to introducing state of the art tools and methods to ensure members’ ability to provide improved care to their patients at every level. To that end, NCBHN embarked on an initiative to implement an electronic health record system (EHRS) on behalf of member agencies.

The solution provides improved clinical service and quality through more efficient communication and data access. An EHRS solution provides cost savings by ensuring accurate client data collection and billing, increasing productivity and decreasing errors. The process and technology changes required to successfully implement a solution such as an EHRS are significant. Each agency involved in the initiative possesses different requirements in terms of information needs, and level of technical expertise required.

NCBHN chose Line of Sight to help navigate the tumultuous waters of this initiative with their expert facilitation and organizational change processes.


Line of Sight utilized our expert facilitation techniques and project management skills to build a team of enthusiastic EHRS champions from across the member agencies. These champions nurtured the idea of change and collaboration within their agencies. Line of Sight implemented a plan to address the complexities inherent in developing a solution for more than ten mental health organizations. The project included development of key tasks and deliverables, including:

  • Business Case – The Business Case describes the costs, alternatives, and benefits of proceeding with the implementation of an EHRS.
  • Medical Health Records Market Analysis – Line of Sight evaluated a cross section of the electronic medical records vendors to develop an accurate composite view of the functionality, pricing, service, and industry best practices.
  • Network Wide Business Requirements – To uncover the myriad business requirements inherent in a healthcare network, Line of Sight conducted a series of workshops with project participants. The workshops provided a framework
    for participants to identify their business practices, criteria for success, and key business requirements.
  • Vendor RFP, Selection and Negotiations – Line of Sight developed a request for proposal (RFP), lead the vendor selection with tools and facilitation to evaluate the vendor proposals, and led the vendor negotiations.


NCBHN has realized the value of this project through…

  • Building a team committed to support the change on their horizon.
  • Being a visible player in the move toward an EHR solution.
  • Realization of the economic benefits of collaboration and economies of scale.

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