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8 Aug

Line of Sight Leads Design and Development of Enterprise Project Management Office

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The New York Department of Health (DOH) serves New York by delivering a broad array of programs and services, including nursing homes, vaccination programs, low income healthcare delivery, and a variety of research and analysis programs. As a result of this broad mission, the agency maintains a wide range of core competencies in the areas of healthcare and insurance program management, real estate and construction, information technology, healthcare policy, research and development, and more.

“Line of Sight applied their project management expertise to our unique organizational environment. Their disciplined structure and outstanding deliverables contributed to the design and implementation of
the DOH Project Management Office. We’re excited about the Department of Health Project Management Field Guide they developed with our internal team of practitioners. Their work will continue to pay dividends for years to come.”

— Senior Manager,
NYS Department of Health


The Department of Health required an enterprise-wide Project Management Office to support the multitude of program areas, management methods, and core capabilities with a unified approach to managing projects. With so many disparate functions across the Department, creating a new organization challenged Line of Sight staff to develop a relevant and useful PMO. Armed with executive support, Line of Sight worked closely with a cross-section of leaders and project practitioners to establish the Department of Health Enterprise PMO.


Line of Sight provided an effective structure and approach to assist the Department in improving its definition and execution of projects across the organization. We quickly assembled a team of leaders and project management practitioners from across the Department to guide the effort and achieve lasting results.

  • Assessed the Project Management Environment – Designed and conducted written surveys and group interviews to assess and analyze the environment. Surveyed project management best practices in other state agencies. Identified and documented the challenges and opportunities for project management at the Department.
  • Designed the Project Management Office– Recommended the establishment of a PMO based on a “Center of Excellence” model, including defining the products and services to be offered by the PMO, as well as the organizational location, structure, and personnel allocation.
  • Created a Project Management Methodology – Emphasizing flexibility and practicality, Line of Sight developed the Department of Health Project Management Field Guide. Key components of the guide include project lifecycle processes, management templates, and prescriptions for successful projects.
  • Conducted Outreach –Developed and implemented a communication program, including small group briefings for the Department’s executive staff and a series of orientation sessions for over 100 project management practitioners. Supported the nascent PMO and its staff to craft the messages and delivery methods to announce and promote the organization.


The NYS Department of Health has realized the results through…

  • Formation and support of a “Project Management Advisory Group”
  • Greater project coordination and cooperation across the Department
  • Increased awareness and higher visibility of project management via the PMO and Field Guide
  • A formal methodology to manage projects across the organization

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