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8 Aug

Line of Sight Delivers Rapid Results To Tufts University With Organizational Improvement Project

Customer Profile

As part of its effort to become a more customer driven organization, the Corporate and Foundation Relations office of Tufts University (CFR) selected Line of Sight to help realign the processes, staffing and culture toward an external focus. The primary transition from an internally-focused, donor-by-donor approach was expanded to an externally oriented, team-based approach spanning organizational boundaries.

“Line of Sight guided our team through a critical transition that resulted in our staff becoming more effectively aligned with our customers. Their experience and insight into organizational change was clearly  evident from the first day. Throughout the project, Line of Sight really pushed our team, and the results were exceptional.”

— Chris Simoneau,
Director, Central


The challenge was to develop an organization focused on connecting corporations and foundations with great university research programs. Historically, CFR has focused on each school individually within the university, with little interaction between schools. Achieving the realignment provides Tufts with the capabilities to more effectively partner with corporations and foundations across multiple university programs.

To achieve the desired results, CFR and Line of Sight realigned how CFR interacts with university faculty and staff by transforming its staffing deployment, communication and prospecting processes.


Line of Sight enthusiastically engaged the CFR team and other key university stakeholders with thoughtful, facilitated events. The workshops were designed to disengage the team  from their current worldview and develop a fresh, unobstructed view toward the future CFR.

The team responded by bringing their deep knowledge of corporate philanthropy to bear, resulting in a new external orientation for the organization. The team began by developing a new mission, vision and goals reflecting the customer focus. Supporting this focus, the team developed a set of processes, performance measures, a communication plan and other key deliverables that hallmark a culture of connection and results.


Tufts University has realized the value of realignment through…

  • A cohesive CFR team focused on and working toward a common set of objectives and measures.
  • Collaboration within CFR and across University programs and donors that is congruent with a successful capital campaign.
  • A vibrant communication plan that fosters innovation and partnering. Clearly documented business processes and system requirements that support transforming the donor management model toward a corporate and foundation focus

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