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8 Aug

Line of Sight Leads Multi-Agency Electronic Medical Records Initiative

Customer Profile The North Country Behavioral Healthcare Network (NCBHN) is a member supported healthcare network located in upstate New York. Its member organizations provide in-patient and out-patient mental health service such as counseling, chemical dependency and substance abuse prevention, transitional living, and other mental health related...

8 Aug

US Census Bureaus: 2010 Count Review Program

Customer Profile Once every ten years the Census Bureau faces the daunting task of counting everyone in the United States. It is a massive operation requiring the hiring and training of thousands of employees across the country as well as coordinating with state and local governments...

7 Aug

Line of Sight Leads New Healthcare Finance Management System

Customer Profile The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) selected Line of Sight to provide project management support for the design, development and implementation of a new Healthcare Finance Management System operated by their Office of Health Insurance Programs (OHIP). During this engagement, Line of...