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28 Oct

Big Toe First…Or Just Take the Plunge?


I attended Boy Scout Camp each Summer in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Part of the daily ritual was swimming lessons. It doesn’t matter how hot the air temperature was, the water temperature in that mountain lake was always in the high 60s.   Getting in the water wasn’t an option – it was mandatory and you had three ways to get in. There was the “one toe at a time and ease your body in” method – long, painful, and it only delayed the inevitable. Or, you could just dive right in – it was painful, it made you gasp for air when you surfaced – but it was over in an instant and once you got used to the temperature, you were able to enjoy yourself. The final alternative – when the first two didn’t provide the desired results, was to be thrown into the deep end by three gigantic lifeguards. This also achieved their desired state (everyone in the water), but it was embarrassing and stung when you landed on your back (or face)!


Well…you have the same options when it comes to accepting changes in your organization! You can try the “one toe at a time” method. You’ll test the waters of change, only to see that it is uncomfortable and you’ll pull back (resist), then you may try it again and perhaps stay engaged a bit longer (or not). You’ll continue this in-and-out process until you are finally fully immersed in the waters of change. It will take a considerable amount of time to get there and it won’t be comfortable until you are totally acclimated, but you’ll get there – eventually.


Then again, you could just take the plunge and dive right into the waters change. Ask open minded questions, offer suggestions, lobby for alternative solutions, analyze the available options – get involved! The key here is to be proactive – don’t wait for information to trickle down to you – seek information. Don’t dwell in the past – ask to be part of the future. This may be a shock to your system and it may even feel uncomfortable for awhile. The acclimation process will be more accelerated and you will “become one with the change” much quicker. This process will help transform you from a “target of change” to a “partner-in-change” and enable you to become an even more valuable team member.


When all else fails – there are always a couple of gigantic “lifeguards” who will be more than happy to throw you into the deep end of change.


In the final analysis – the choice is yours…I know which one I prefer!


Take the plunge – the water’s fine!!


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